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Our mission is to show kids and adults the wonders of nature, along with the factors threatening them. We would also like to take part in saving endangered species and habitats along with providing possibility for families to rest, relax, and experience new things in our gardens. Besides showing animals, other cultural and sporting events are held in our zoo, which is the scene of educational activities at the same time. With our new homepage we would like the inhabitants of Győr to get to know their beloved zoo better, whereas those living far away looking at our site might feel keen to check out our zoo in real life. On behalf of all the colleagues of Janos Xantus Zoo, we all wish you a pleasant time!




4300 Ft

2-14 years

3000 Ft

3000 Ft

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under 2 years

250 Ft

2 adults with 2 children or 1 adult with 3 children

13000 Ft

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